Bullying-Zero Tolerance

Orange Grove Charter School has a zero tolerance policy against bullying.

Bullying is:

1. Intentional intent to inflict physical or emotional harm. 

2. Intimidating behaviors are repeated over time (not a single incident) 

3. Imbalance of power between the victim and the perpetrator. One individual or group of individuals is perceived (by self and others) to be superior to another because of financial, social, physical, athletic, or another type of power.

Charleston County School District defines bullying as follows: Bullying is defined as a deliberate, repeated act with intention to hurt, insult or threaten another person in school, on school grounds, in school vehicles or at school events. Bullying consists of an imbalance of power. 


(From Judy M. Brunner;Dennis K. Lewis. Safe & Secure Schools: 27 Strategies for Prevention and Intervention)