Rising 7th Graders: Summer Reading Project

Rising 7th Grade Summer Reading

Orange Grove Charter Middle School


All rising 7th grade students will be required to read the following novel for Orange Grove's Summer Reading Program. Students will begin 7th grade English Language Arts with a study of the novel, so thoroughly reading and understanding the book prior to the beginning of the year is expected.

** Please purchase and read the following book by the beginning of the school year. 

NOVEL:                     The Graveyard Book by: Neil Gaiman **


Movie Poster Project:

Students are to complete the project explained below based on The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.   DO NOT BRING YOUR PROJECT the first day/week of school. You will be assigned a day and time in which to present/discuss your project. Thanks!

Cut a piece of WHITE poster board in half (so that it measures 14x22).  Design a “poster” for your book as if it were to be made into a movie.  It should be colorful and creative.  No computer images are acceptable!

ON THE FRONT:  Include a design that shows a concept or idea from your book.  Research and include the name of a real director that you would want to direct your movie.  Also include the names of famous actors and actresses (dead or alive) whom you would have playing the parts of the characters in your movie.

ON THE BACK: Translation -- Explain how well your book would translate from novel to film. **

ON THE BACK:  Review -- Write a SHORT, original review of the novel, including both likes and dislikes. **

ON THE BACK:  Explanation -- Write an explanation of your choices for actors/actresses that would play the parts of your characters. **

** You may either neatly hand write your information on the back of the poster OR you may word process, print, and glue your information. 

** Make certain that the translation, review, and explanation of choices for actors and actresses are SEPARATE entries. HINT: You might want to “Google” images of famous movie posters (ET, Gone with the Wind, Jurassic Park, Home Alone, Titanic).