Walk To Read: Students should be reading 10 minutes each night in an Accelerated Reading book on their level, based on their score from the STAR test. All students should have at least 18 points gained by the 9th week of school. Points are earned by passing AR tests from the books read. Students can take AR tests during class time when done with work early and the teacher is not teaching. Also, students can take AR tests on the classroom computers between 7:10 and 7:35 a.m..

Grammar and Roots:  Students should be studying each night for quizzes and tests.  Grammar quizzes and tests will come from the Grammar sections of the Grammar workbook.  Roots quizzes and tests will come from the  Green Roots book and will consist of content from 3 lessons at a time. 

Writing:  Students must be able to show a complete paragraph, written or typed, by the end of the first quarter.  By the end of the 3rd quarter, they should be able to produce a 3-5 paragraph essay.  Look for samples of writing to come home in the Wednesday folders and go over mistakes.  Also look for notes to come home in the Writing section of the binder.  PASS writing answers must be typed, so any practice your child can get a home typing would be a plus.

Science: Study vocabulary and concept notes added to the Science section of the binder. Look for quizzes and tests announced in student agendas.  A study guide will be sent home prior to in class tests, but not for take home tests.  The students will be allowed to use textbooks to help complete take home tests. There will be a Science Fair project assigned in the 3rd nine weeks.  It is fine to start getting ideas on which experimental question your child might like to do, but there will be restrictions set in January that may not allow that particular question to be used for the project.  No experimentation can begin until approved first by me. 

If there is a concept that your child did not get when doing homework, please feel free to email me.  I can spend more time on that concept if I know.  

Handwriting:  Cursive handwriting will be taught in class with the use of a Handwriting Book and instructional videos. 

If your child does not finish class work, it may become homework.