Terrific Kids

4E's Terrific Kid for May is ... Mia! Mia is a true energizer bunny! She has the bubbly personality, always happy, and keeps on going. Not to mention her talented artistic skills and creative mind! I love Mia and her upbeat outlook on life. Keep it up, Mia! I'm proud of her!

Mary Grace
4E's Terrific Kid for April is ... Mary Grace! She exudes kindness and caring in all that she does. Mary Grace has a giving heart and is our perfect Student Council representative. Thank you, Mary Grace, for always being such a lovely young lady! I'm proud of you!

4E's Terrific Kid for March is ... Tyler! Tyler has been the picture perfect student since day 1! He impresses me every day with his abilities - especially with reading and earning over 270 AR points! Tyler puts his best effort into his work and it pays off for him to always make the Principal's List! He is a great well-rounded student and I'm so lucky to have him in 4E! I'm proud of Tyler!


4E's Terrific Kid for February is ... Ashlyn! I'm so lucky to have her in our class. Ashlyn is the best all-around student - Principal's List, earns her AR points, gets along with everyone, and basically could run my class. :) I am proud of her and how well she does, without looking for a special pat on the back. But I notice how much she does for 4E and I appreciate it! Thank you, Ashlyn!