OGCS Mission Statement

The mission of Orange Grove Charter School is to develop students with the intellectual power to become confident, caring, and responsible life-long learners by  providing an innovative, supportive learning environment that emphasizes creative and critical thinking skills while respecting individual differences.

Belief Statements:
·        People deserve to be treated with respect.
·        People must be held accountable for their actions and learning.
·        People have a need to feel safe, secure, loved, and accepted.
·        People have a right and responsibility to be life-long learners and to contribute positively to society.
·        People are unique and individual differences need to be recognized and respected.
·        Students are entitled to support of their learning, at home and at school.
·        People should be given the opportunity to learn and excel according to their individual modality and rate of learning.
·        People are entitled to their own views and opinions and to have the opportunity to express them in an open, courteous forum.


 Vision Statements:

·        Students, parents, and teachers show responsibility for their actions, and fair and natural consequences are consistently enforced and accepted as a means to learn and grow.
·        Every student works to his fullest potential, respects others, and will feel the need to be a responsible, life-long learner.
·        Class size enables students and teachers to have adequate time for personal interaction and individual instruction.
·        Teachers use a variety of innovative teaching approaches to provide a multi-leveled curriculum, so each child may achieve his potential.
·        Every student works to his fullest potential to achieve success within a curriculum that meets his needs for present, and builds scaffolding for the future.
·        There is strong communication and support among administrators, teachers, parents, and students.
·        Students begin to develop a life long love for learning and a curiosity of the world around them.
·        Students with learning differences are diagnosed promptly and their needs are met in an appropriate learning environment.
·        Teams of administrators, teachers, parents, and community representatives work together to provide a positive learning environment.

Learner Standards:

1.  Students will relate to others in a respectful and cooperative manner.
2.  Students will demonstrate mathematical and scientific literacy in solving real-life problems.               
3.  Students will develop a love for reading and appreciation for quality literature.
4.  Students will demonstrate proficiency and knowledge in the use of technology.
5.  Students will be able to comprehend and communicate ideas effectively in verbal and written form.