About the Teacher
     Welcome to 4A!  This is my seventeenth year at OGCS.  I taught third grade for the past thirteen years before looping up with my class this past year to begin my first year as a fourth grade teacher.  I attended Francis Marion University where I completed my student teaching in the third grade and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Elementary Education.  

I enjoy spending free time with my family.  I have a 12-year-old daughter who attends 7th grade at Sangaree Middle where she runs Cross Country for Stratford High School.  We do a lot together as a family either at home, around Charleston, or touring new places out of state.  We all enjoy riding roller coasters, so we visit various amusement parks throughout the year.  I especially LOVE cheering on the CLEMSON Tigers during football season!

     Third grade was my favorite grade in elementary school because I loved my th
ird grade teacher!  She always made me feel special and made learning fun.  It was during this year that I decided I wanted to become a school teacher.  I try to emulate this same behavior with my students now and believe that the person who does the work, does the learning.  

     I absolutely 
LOVE teaching Social Studies in third grade in which we learned about our great state.  I am looking forward to combining what we learned last year with the entire nation as we will study American History in fourth grade.  I LOVE my job at Orange Grove where "The Future is Bright" because we are truly one, large family working together to educate today's youth. 

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