Hunsinger's picks for Apps
  1. Words Maker- It is a free app that challenges you to make words.Your opponent is the Ipad.You try to win by using high value words.


  2. DinoTeach- This is a free app that has 8 educational number games with a dinosaur theme.It has a score board.


  3. Spelling City- this is a free app that has engaging games to help students spell words.The student can type any list of words that they need.The games are fun and engaging.


  4. Storia-This is a free app that is designed to give kids a sampling of books that they can read on their own ipad.This is through Scholastic.You can log into 40 ipads with the same account.


  5. Splash math- This is a free app with a collection of fun and interactive math problems that are aligned to the Common Core Standards.


  6. Honey bee Math-this is a free app.It is one of the best selling Educational math apps.It is a fun interactive way to help students reinforce math skills.


  7. Homophones free- This is a free app to help students reinforce the homophone skill.They have to read each sentence and choose the correctly spelled homophone that goes in the sentence.


  8. Second grade reading comprehension- This is a free app that will improve reading comprehension skills.They need to read passages and answer questions about the passage.The questions measure achievement quickly and easily.


  9. Reading Rainbow- This is a free app.Over 3 million books read and video field trips. They are narrated by LeVar Burton.


  10. Rainbow Phonics- this is a free app that helps students learn letter sounds and spelling with 12 interactive landscapes.There are also books that they can read about the characters.