Responsibilities of School Counselors

Primary Function
• To provide a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program for all middle-level students
• To consult with teachers, parents/guardians, and staff to enhance their effectiveness in helping students
• To provide support to other middle-level educational programs

Major Responsibilities
1. Implementing the middle-level school guidance curriculum through coordination and/or delivery of classroom units and infusion in content areas
2. Counseling individuals and groups of students toward academic and career development
3. Counseling individuals and groups of students toward personal/social development and emotional growth
4. Consulting with and training teachers, parents/guardians, and staff regarding the needs of middle-level students
5. Referring students and their families to special programs, specialists, and community agencies when appropriate
7. Participating in the intervention-team process and/or working with the school’s student support team
8. Planning and evaluating the counseling program attending district, state and locally sponsored staff-development offerings
9. Pursuing continuous professional growth